Unleash the Power of Packaging! Let the Magic Fall over....

Established in the year 2009, "Colorchem Industries" makes affordable and innovative Packaging Products such as Mist Sprayers Pumps, Dispenser Pumps, Glass Bottles Lotion Pumps, Disc Top Caps, Airless Bottles, Essential Oil Bottles, Pen Perfume Bottles, Foaming Bottles, Roll on Bottles, Roll On Balls, Bottles Spray Screw Neck Pumps, Fine Glass Bottles, Fine Roll On Bottles and Plastic Lotion Pumps.

Our promise is based on sustainable and innovative quality standards. Starting with the processing of the most modern printing processes and State of the art finishing techniques. we have thoroughly scrutinized all production areas throughout the years and optimized them accordingly. Standstill is a step backwards, that is what they say - and in this sense, we keep investing in people, machines and processes and are in a continuous process of improving ourselves. Thereby, we ensure to meet the cross-industry requirements of our customers at any given time. Yesterday, today and in the future.

Let your Packaging Decides the sales!

At the POS, when the customer is baffled and has to decide between different products, the power generated by the impression and feel of the packaging is a critical factor in purchasing decisions when it comes to similar products. As per the Study by IR and the Association of European Carton board and Carton Manufacturers shows that the packaging is at the seventh place in the criteria for a purchase decision - out of 14 surveyed criteria - and is thus even more important than the brand itself.

Time to Make your Move!
  • Get a Premium packaging solution for your Products
  • Sophisticated look and feel with unique structure and construction
  • Many materials to choose from and flexible inlays to protect your products
  • Durable for long-lasting branding in your customers' homes
  • Optimal for refill options, samples, or assortment selections
  • Sustainability: recycled material, grass paper and more

Colorchem and YOU! A partnership to the road of Excellence!

We've been producing high-quality Packaging material Since 2009. Thanks to modern machinery and our decades of experience, we can offer our customers individually tailored packaging solutions that don't just protect their products but build their BRANDS too. As a Second -generation family business, giving our customers the best possible service is particularly important to us. That's why we specialize in high-quality product packaging, to provide the most flexible shoulder box solutions on the market.

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