About Us

Colorchem Industries Ltd is the parent company to several brands involved in the manufacturing of consumer goods and raw materials. Our portfolio is organized into seven segments:

  • Chemicals & Surfactants
  • Decorative Paints & Textures
  • Home care
  • OTC Pharmaceuticals
  • Luxury Cosmetics
  • Industrial Perfumery
  • Imported Packaging materials

We bring together the experience and unique expertise of our employees & partners from science and business.

Location & Infrastructure

We have complete and well developed Infrastructure of 40,000 sq ft of Constructed land in The Heart of India i.e. Indore, M.P.

Independent Research lab of 5 personnels (Msc in Chemicatry, M tech in Cosmetics, M tech in Pefume & Oil, Diploma in Paints & Coating)

Storage tank capacity of up to 40,000 litres of chemicals

Complete factory & Manufacturing Licenses like FDA, Aayush, ISO, GMP, Halal, Acid, Poison & Industrial License.

Multiple machines for manufacturing (High speed & Low speed stirrer, Pug mixture, Ball Mill, Liquid filling, Tube filling & Sealing, Labelling, Laser Printing, Shrink packaging).

Automatic filling line which can fill up to 75,000 bottles (Liquid & thick gel) per day varying from 30ml to 5Ltr

Separate manufacturing areas of different industries

DM and RO water plant with the production of 24000 Ltr water per day

Why Choose Us

Purest India a name now known throughout the country, dedicated to producing paramount quality sanitizers; whilst offering immense diversity in the packaging.

We have expanded the industry's Horizons along with ours in various sectors of the chemical-manufacturing industry, by becoming the largest sanitizer selling brand.

It takes sheer dedication and pure hard work to be acknowledged by various certifications such as GMP, ISO:9001, Halal and the FDA license, giving us an edge over the others, subsequently putting us amongst companies renowned nationwide.

Since we find joy in developing & producing products of various industries, hence we are looking for Third party manufacturing opportunities. We look forward to associating with reputed company in Homecare & Cosmetics segment to manufacture products as per their standards & formulations.

Here is a broad categorization of the products we currently manufacture:

Decorative paints and textures

Acrylic, premium and luxury emulsions ranges in both interior and exterior . Acrylic primers, acrylic and cement putty, synthetic enamels, solvent primers as well as an exclusive range of textures in stone coat finish, rustic and smooth tex, zinc coat and multi tex.

Home Care

Our wide range of products include, hand wash (available in various fragrances) , dish wash, floor cleaner, bathroom cleaner, toilet cleaner, bathroom deodorant, fruit and vegetable wash, glass cleaner, phenyl liquid, room freshener, floor disinfectant, laundry wash, baby laundry wash, bathroom freshener.


Organically sourced ayurvedic solutions for all you skin and hair. This range includes, body lotion, body wash, shampoo, hair mask, body butter, hair oil for every skin and hair type. Face pack, face wash, lip balms, butters and conditioners, day creams and night creams, petroleum jelly , rose water, face mists and gels. The hair care range comprises of hair oil, shampoo,conditioner, mask, serums and spa.

Car Care Range

Our car care range includes car wash shampoo, car wax, and seat and leather cleaners.

Pain Relief

Pain relief balms, roll on for relieving headache and back pain, pain relief oils and body massage oils , muscle relaxant for overall body pain.

Our ventures in raw material manufacturing

Fragrances and flavors for application food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Speciality chemicals that find their use as raw materials, namely SLES, CAPB,LABSA, CDEA, pearlizing agent, additives, preservatives, EGMS to name a few. We look forward to a possible association with your company, as third party manufacturers and manufacture products under your label.

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